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Forged Globe Valve

For a Bolted Bonnet Forged Globe Valve, the bolt connection is convenient to use and can withstand much high pressure, but has a certain limitation on the work temperature. In the working condition of high temperature, the connection bolt is prone to cause creep phenomenon and leakage. Hence, bolted bonnet forged globe valves are generally recommended to be used at a temperature of ≤350 °C.
For a Pressure Sealed Bonnet Forged Globe Valve, the self-sealing connection is a form of connection that utilizes the pressure of the medium to self-tighten. The higher the medium pressure is, the stronger the self-tightening force is. Therefore, this type of connection of pressure sealed bonnet forged globe valves is suitable for high pressure valves with a pressure exceeding 900 LB.
A Welded Bonnet Forged Globe Valve is a kind of forged steel globe valve whose body and bonnet are welded directly, not by conventional bolts. This feature of welded bonnet forged globe valves helps reduce the possibility of flange leakage and can be applied to higher pressures and temperatures.