Forged steel valve installation and maintenance methods-part one

Forged valve installation and maintenance methods-part one

The quality of the forged valve installation directly affects its use, so the forged valve installation must be treated carefully.

1. The direction and position
Many forged valves should be installed in a specific direction. If they are installed in a reversed direction, the operation effect and service life will be affected, or the forged valves will not work at all, and even cause danger. Generally, the forged valve has a direction mark on the forged valve body; if not, it should be correctly identified according to the working principle of the forged valve. The valve chamber of the globe valve is of left and right asymmetry. And the fluid should be passed from bottom to top, then going through the valve port, so that the fluid resistance is small (determined by the shape), the force for opening is saved (because the medium pressure is upward), and the medium is not pressed after the closing, which is convenient for maintenance. This is why the globe valve can't be installed in reverse. Other forged valves also have their own characteristics.

The position in which the forged valve is installed must be convenient for operation; even if the installation is temporarily difficult, it is necessary to take into account the operator's long-term work. It is best to have the forged valve handwheel installed on the same horizontal plane with the operator chest (usually 1.2 meters high away from the operating floor), so that the opening and closing of the forged valve is more labor-saving. The floor forged valve hand wheel should be facing up, do not tilt, so as to avoid awkward operation. For the forged valve against the wall machine, the enough room should also be left for the operator to stand. It is necessary to avoid the operation in which the operator throw his head back, especially involving acid, alkali, toxic media, etc., otherwise it is very unsafe.

Do not install the forged gate valve upside down (that is, the handwheel is downward), otherwise the medium will remain in the bonnet space for a long time, which will easily corrode the valve stem and is prohibited for certain process requirements. It is inconvenient to replace the packing at the same time.

For the rising stem gate valve, do not install it under the ground, otherwise the exposed valve stem will be corroded due to moisture.
For the lift check valve, the valve flap should be vertical when installing, so that the forged valve can lift swiftly.
For the swing-type check valve, its pin and shaft shall be installed on the same horizontal plane, so that the swing can be carried out fluently.
The pressure relief valve should be installed upright on a horizontal pipe and not tilted in all directions.

Forged steel valve installation and maintenance methods-part one