Brief introduction of forging methods

Brief introduction of forging methods

In this article, we will introduce several methods of forging.

Open die forging

Open die forging is a process that deforms the metal plastically with several kinds of compressive forces, which is carried out between two flat dies or simple shapes. Usually, the material is not completely enclosed in the die. That is why this process is called "open die." The open die forging is mainly used for large size and small batch forgings.

Closed die forging

Closed die forging is also known as impression-die forging. It is a process that forming a metal part by forcing it into an upper and lower die. The closed die process requires a lot of force. It is often used to produce near net shapes.

Rolled ring forging

Rolled ring forging is a process that uses two curved dies to deform the metal. Normally, the dies are two opposing rollers. This method produces forged products with a final shape that is similar to the dies. The rolled ring process is largely used due to its many benefits. Some of these benefits include a long lifespan, high productivity, low cost, and quality finishes.